Friday, August 15, 2008

The Power of the Pill

Sometimes, when you read a news story like this one, don't you have the sinking feeling that a hundred trial lawyers are reading it, too -- and that the wheels have started spinning in their squirrelly little skulls?

Just imagine the class action lawsuits to come if these researchers are correct -- and every woman who's ever been on the pill when she picked the wrong guy, or had a relationship end badly, can get a jury to find a pharmaceutical company liable for the pain and suffering that resulted. No longer will women on this form of birth control have to take responsibility for their bad relationship choices: It's the pill that made 'em do it.

The last time we saw such madness was the health hysteria surrounding breast implants in the 1980s, which, after the lawyers picked the bones clean, drove some implant makers out of the business.

The time before that was in Salem, circa 1690.

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