Friday, August 29, 2008

Feeling a Chill Yet?

Anyone else out there feel a chill creeping into the room?

While most Americans have been enraptured by the coronation going on in Colorado, the Second Cold War (or Cold War II, if you prefer) has been building ominous momentum -- confirming that this blogger isn't entirely paranoid, and might even be prescient.

While our own nuclear arsenal ages in place, untested and un-modernized, and attended by sleeping launch crews, Russia just tested a new ICBM that incorporates stealth technology. This comes only days after a senior Russian official evoked the old Cold War in the present context -- and just days after a British general pronounced the new Russian military "a force to be reckoned with" -- and just days after a spokesman for Vladimir Putin warned of a possible "direct confrontation" with the U.S. over Georgia, after U.S. and Russian ships drop anchors off Georgia's coast.

How about working this question into the usual softballs the press tosses Obama and McCain: "What's your plan for dealing with Russia?"

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