Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Traveling pants" may be banned in Charleston -- and not the movie

No, this isn't a spoof put together by comedy writers at "The Daily Show" with John Stewart.

It's an actual news story and clip from WCIV-TV, the ABC News affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina, where the City Council is passionately debating the pros and cons -- and the constitutionality -- of an ordinance banning low-riding pants. Best of all is the part where a backer of the droopy drawer ordinance produces a manikin that models the fashion faux pas, evidently hoping a visual aid will help sway colleagues.

It's not Comedy Central. It's just another example of local government officials hard at work, looking for a non-problem to solve -- and of why America is still a shining example to the world of representative government at its best.

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