Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Coast Heard From

I recently did a post chiding The New York Times editorial page for its long distance, laughably Disneyesque take on wolf management issues in the West. Now comes a very similar editorial in the Los Angeles Times, which underscores how completely disconnected people on the coasts are from on-the-ground realities here in "fly-over country." This piece even repeats the simplistic line that the West's alleged anti-wolf animus stems from the selfishness of Elmer Fudd-like hunters, who want all the deer and elk for themselves.

Where do these people get this stuff? Straight from Friends of the Wolf talking points, apparently.

Such ignorance wouldn't matter much if Western states had more direct control over the public lands and wildlife inside our borders. But as long as the populous east and west coasts call the shots, through their representatives in Congress, we'll continue to be treated like a vast theme park and wildlife menagerie, which exists for the experimentation and entertainment of non-Westerners.

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