Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama-Ritter Would Have Made a Perfect Match

Today's Rocky Mountain News reports that Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter isn't on the short list -- or any list, apparently -- of possible VP picks for president-in-waiting Barack Obama, dampening speculation that swirled since a Washington Post columnist raised the possibility. And that's a shame. Not only would Colorado greatly benefit from Ritter's promotion -- by having him elsewhere -- but the two actually would make a perfect pair.

Both men have accomplished little in their scant political careers, but obviously see themselves in larger-than-life terms. Both men speak in vague platitudes. Both men are liberals who travel as centrists. Neither man has enough of a record to run against. And both men tout the largely-illusory benefits of a "new energy economy," seeming to believe that wishful thinking and futuristic rhetoric (along with massive government intervention) will make it a reality, while supporting measures that needlessly chip away at the supports of the "old" energy economy, putting the cart before the horse.

There is one significant difference, however; Obama electrifies crowds, while Ritter puts them to sleep.

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