Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to take aim at "tax-guzzlers"

In its latest edition, Portland Oregon’s Willamette Week poses a question that has probably crossed too few minds in this Mecca of politically- and ecologically-correct social engineering, by asking: Why, when gas prices are skyrocketing and fuel-efficient hybrids are all the rage and state budgets are being squeezed, does the state continue to offer millions of dollars in pro-hybrid tax breaks? “Tax Guzzlers” is a nice little piece of iconoclastic journalism, which illustrates (even if inadvertently) that markets and price-savvy consumers are far greater agents of change than government mandates or tax incentives. Read it in its entirety here:

The good news is that most lawmakers, when asked by WW whether they would at least review, and possibly rescind, the incentives, indicated that they would. A politician willing to remove a much-cherished (and widely abused) subsidy? Now, that’s progress.

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