Monday, June 23, 2008

Mother Nature's erratic behavior

It's unlikely that this ( or any other piece of information that seems to contradict the Chicken Little Lobby will lead cooler heads to prevail on the climate change debate. This has now become an article of faith, after all, not a question of science. But I post it nonetheless, in the hope it will at least give some reasonable people pause.

Ice cores drilled in Greenland suggest that the climate has over time undergone abrupt and dramatic alterations, even "in the absence of changes in greenhouse gas," according to SA. Research indicates, for instance, that one past climate fluctuation occurred when dust carried aloft from Asian deserts decreased. While this might cast doubt on the conviction among some that the changes we are witnessing today are definitely anthropogenic in nature, don't count on this information opening too many minds. Instead of seeing this as a justification for skepticism or caution, the catastrophists just keep wringing their hands.

"In view of the past instability—and sensitivity to temperature—of Greenland ice, serious concerns about its future under global warming stress do emerge," one researcher tells SA. But Greenland seems to have done just fine adapting to Mother Nature's sometimes erratic behavior. "Sediment cores from the ocean show that forests of spruce and even fern grew on Greenland just 125,000 years ago," reports SA -- long before that cancer on the planet, man, began belching pollutants and "greenhouse gases" into the atmosphere.

Since so many American policy discussions get reduced to bumper sticker bromides, why not this one? "Encourage Global Warming," one might read. "Help Make Greenland Green Again."

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