Thursday, June 26, 2008

Skepticism gets a little respect

The skeptical environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg, has a typically sensible opinion piece in today's Washington Post, which is as important for what it signals as for what it says.

Lomborg, as many readers may recall, has been dragged through the mud by unskeptical environmentalists and climate change alarmists for daring to question sensationalist dogma. Not only his ideas but his integrity and intellect were put on trial -- the same treatment that routinely gets doled-out to all other heretics and "deniers," in a campaign of vilification that can best be described as eco-McCarthyism.

It therefore must madden eco-inquisitors to see Lomborg and his ideas get play in such a prominent venue. Can't you just hear the teeth grinding? Let's hope a little respectful treatment emboldens other skeptics, inside the "scientific community" especially, to continue to act as voices of reason, sound science and dissent, at a time when hysteria seems to be carrying the day.

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