Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obama Dons Teddy in Latest Reinvention

Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan Hill. The only thing Barack Obama ever charged up was this bankrupt nation's credit card. If his image is ever carved in stone, it should be on Mount Spendmore.

The guy cuts and pastes a few slogans from a century old TR speech, taken out of context, and suddenly he has "a voice"? What a fraud. And it's a fraud perpetrated and enabled by frauds in the media establishment, who are so easily sucked-in that they actually take such comparisons seriously.

The man isn't fit to hold TR's horse.

Who better to puncture the pretensions of our strange President Zelig than a bona fide historian, Victor Davis Hanson.

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Craig Casey said...

Excellent observations, I would add, he did push, coerce, threaten, and bribe healthcare "reform" aka Obamacare through congress.

Even though a horrible law, it was quite a feat. Obama did demonstrate that just about every member of congress would sell us down the river for special earmarks.