Monday, March 7, 2011

Legislative Therapy

Too many laws get approved as a form of legislative therapy -- as a way to make politicians feel needed, relevant and better about themselves. Here's one excellent example. Whether or not those new laws make much sense -- if they can be enforced -- is of secondary concern. It's all about feelings: how we feel about them and how they feel about themselves. I'm open minded on the question of whether this simply mirrors, or whether it feeds and perpetuates, our national neurosis.

How much trouble we all would be saved -- and how much madness could be avoided -- if, instead of letting them "act out" legislatively, we simply paid their psychiatry bills instead.

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Preetinder Dhillon said...

Absolutely correct. Laws are not made to be sincerely enforced. Most of them are for cosmetic purposes to make the politicians look worthy. Whether they are really worthy or not is an unasked and unanswered question.

Preetinder Dhillon