Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mild Mild West

I sometimes wish Colorado had a little more of the rebellious spirit you still see in other Western states. We've become tame, compliant and conditioned to accepting federal domination, while a number of neighbors -- in this case, Idaho -- are still bucking under Washington's big saddle.

A little sagebrush rebellion now and again is a good thing -- it helps keep alive the spirit of rugged individualism that once defined the West. But Colorado is now the most Californianized of Western states. While other statehouses in the region are roiling with bills designed to take on the feds (at least symbolically), our legislators seem about as cantankerous and rebellious as those you'd find in Iowa.

The neo-federalist revival we're seeing elsewhere isn't stirring a ripple in Colorado. We're sitting safely on the sidelines while something really exciting is passing us by.

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