Monday, April 12, 2010

A "Baton" or a Bludgeon?

"Healthcare reform "baton" passes to states" is how The Washington Post headlined today's article about the ObamaCare mandates Washington is expecting states to implement -- which makes it sound as if we're all one big happy team, sprinting toward an agreed-upon finish line. But that "baton" looks more like a bludgeon to many states, judging from the resistance they're showing.

This isn't a foot race; it's a forced march, in a direction most Americans just don't want to go. Uncle Sam isn't the pace-setter; he's the cruel mule-driver, with a lash at the ready for any who dig in their hooves. But leave it to The Washington Post to spin the situation as a relay race in which a few of the runners are reluctantly falling behind.

That's the view today from WashingtonWorld. We now return you to more reality-based content.

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